Fishing for Social Media?

Traditions Media social media specialist presents at the 2023 NPAA Conference

Some consider it the necessary evil – especially fishing industry dinosaurs who loathe change. The days of fully investing marketing spend in only print and television are gone. Modern marketing still includes those vehicles, but necessitates a much more dynamic blend, to include direct digital marketing, Google Ads, Amazon…and, of course, social media.

Being noticed in the white noise of social media is preeminent challenge, however. Haphazardly throwing money at it without knowledge, or strategy, is merely checking boxes and squandering resources.

To that, NPAA invited Traditions Media social media specialist Lauren Luhman so speak at the 2023 NPAA Conference recently held in Fort Myers, Florida. It’s like a TED Talk for anyone who makes a living in the fishing industry. And NPAA is now releasing her presentation to the greater industry.

Take 30-minutes today or over the weekend and socialize your game.