Sonar training and more

In This Issue:
  • Side scan tips
  • Sonar tip 1
  • Sonar tip 2
  • Helix G3 DVD released
Side Scan Tip
Understanding fish on side scan/side imaging
More side scan fish. I agree that fish are often hard to see on side scan. I will show more examples to make it easier to understand. This screenshot shows the shadows (dark) and the fish (bright) really well. The red circled area is the zoom area.
Sonar Training 1
Doc’s interpretation with ARROWS
Green-fish near baitfish
Purple big fish that I was REALLY excited about and tried to catch but failed
Black-baitfish school
Red-baitfish scattered quickly, notice their are few baitfish to the right of the red arrow
Sonar Training 2
Success and then Failure
I focus on finding fish as the most important part of my success plan, BUT…..
I found these fish twice near baitfish and never caught one. I tried using my Aqua-Vu camera to identify them but never saw them.
Green arrows point to the fish
Red arrow on 2D sonar and white arrow on DI point to baitfish.
But reality on fishing is I fail often and succeed often which make sit fun.
Helix G3 DVD released
It is available for purchase as a hard copy DVD or download.

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