Sonar training/Cyber Monday

In This Issue:
  • Sonar tip
  • Sonar comparison
  • Cyber Monday 50% off
  • Helix G3 DVD released
Sonar Tip
Another example why I like DI/2D side by side
By viewing both I can interpret them better.
Red arrows point to a nice fish.
Green arrows point to the bump is actually a school of fish close to the bottom.
Boulders look similar sometimes but the Aqua-Vu is the proof.
Sonar Comparison
Comparison shots from Lowrance Live with Airmar TM 150 transducer and Humminbird Helix G3 Mega transducer. They were taken at same time but the transducers are 4-5 feet apart so it will never be identical conditions. I think both are good. Humminbird finally has good 2d sonar with the new Helix G3 Chirp Mega transducer.
Cyber Monday Deal
Monday December 2
50 % off all DVDs
Use cyber for discount code for both hard copy DVD or the download DVD
Helix G3 DVD released
It is available for purchase as a hard copy DVD or download.
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