ICAST 2021 In-Person presented by TAKEMEFISHING.org is the premier showcase for the latest innovations in fishing gear, accessories, and apparel. The cornerstone of the sportfishing industry, the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) show is the world’s largest fishing trade show and helps to drive recreational fishing product sales year round.

St. Croix Rod of Park Falls, Wisconsin – America’s premier, family-owned fishing rod manufacturer for nearly 75 years – makes it its mission to provide every angler with the tools they need to maintain the upper hand in any fishing situation. “We exist to elevate the fishing experiences of all anglers,” reminds St. Croix Vice President of Marketing, Jesse Simpkins. “It drives everything we do on a daily basis, and it’s why we’re here in Orlando this week. We’re showing the industry the significant results of what our team has been up to for the past several months in the form of our exciting new rod introductions for 2022. With ICAST being a true trade show, we realize that most anglers are watching this week’s exciting events in Orlando from home from this week, so we’re doing our best to keep everyone up to date via social media and other timely communications – including this release summarizing all of our new rods for 2022. Many of these new rods are crafted from all-new materials, feature new technologies or new combinations of technologies, and incorporate improved ergonomics. All of them exemplify Best Rods on Earth, and you trust and expect them to deliver new levels of performance and satisfaction on the water.”

All-NEW St. Croix Victory Series Models

Conceived for tournament anglers competing at the highest level, passionate recreational bassers, or anyone in between, St. Croix’s all-new Victory Series of high-performance American-made technique-specific bass rods are poised to deliver more wins on the water – however they’re defined. The NEW Victory 17 expands St. Croix’s landmark Victory series to 25 total models, giving bass anglers of all levels unprecedented choice in selecting the proper tools for a complete range of bass presentations. From finesse techniques; bombing hair jigs and spy baits; to crankbaits; chatterbaits; flippin’, pitching and punching; to heaving and retrieving 8-ounce swimbaits, it’s all there in this complete and balanced assortment of high-performance, technology-laden, American-crafted rods – backed by a 15-year transferrable warranty – that cost a fraction of other “elite-level” rods in the marketplace.

Handcrafted from scratch in Park Falls, Wisconsin, USA from an all-new, sensitive and durable SCIII+ material and incorporating St. Croix’s top technologies (FRS, ARTTM, IPC®, and TET), each distinct Victory spinning and casting model is purpose-engineered and built to excel in its intended applications. Combining lightweight and balanced performance with top-tier ergonomics and uncompromising durability, Victory rods are accessible to all at a sweet mid-range retail price. Victory rods start at just $180, and 19 of the 25 models will retail at or below $200.

Attendees at this week’s ICAST show are invited to see all 25 Victory rods in the St. Croix Booth (#2223), or the incredibly versatile model St. Croix calls “The Marshal” – a 7’3” medium-heavy power, fast action Victory casting model that excels in multiple bass presentations – in the Freshwater Rod Category of the ICAST 2021 New Product Showcase.

All-NEW St. Croix Seage Surf Series

St. Croix’s all-new tech-forward Seage Surf Series includes 12 two-piece spinning rods, handcrafted for unparalleled strength and durability in a slim and lightweight design. Seage models range from 7’ to 12’ with medium-light to heavy powers and retail between $210 and $380 with a 15-year warranty.

New Seage rods begin with a brand-new formulation of premium, light, and sensitive SCII carbon material, which increases flexural strength while reducing weight. From there, St. Croix adds ARTTM and all-new Veil technology. ART is an exotic carbon fiber material that adds a significant magnitude of hoop strength to keep the rod section from ovaling under load with virtually no increases in blank diameter or weight. Veil is a tri-blend of carbon fiber, fiberglass and explicit resin, combined to exponentially reduce the effects of impact on blank integrity. Veil protects rods from bumps, lure knocks and other impacts that could otherwise cause damage and lead to rod failure. For the surf angler, all of this means they can enjoy fishing a slim, lightweight, and sensitive Seage rod, which also maintains extreme, next-level strength and durability.

In addition to slim, lightweight performance, extreme strength and rock-solid durability, surf anglers will notice an all-new handle design on new Seage surf rods comprised of X-Flock-covered slim-diameter handles and Winn® comfort-focused foregrips which are minimalistic, sleek, and tech-forward. X-Flock is essentially a textured shrink tube that St. Croix forms directly over the blank. This gives the handle a slim profile with a very grippy and tacky feel, combined with slight compression for added comfort. Meanwhile, comfort-focused Winn polymer foregrips reduce hand fatigue for longer, more-comfortable fishing.

The 12 distinct models in the all-new Seage Series lineup cover the most popular lengths, powers, and actions, as well as some new configurations surf anglers were specifically requesting. Some of the 7’ to 9’ models were engineered and delivered to meet the unique needs of the Western coastal markets, where surf anglers have been asking for new rods better suited for smaller species, lighter lures, and fish closer to the beach. These smaller two-piece models give anglers the 50/50 splits they requested. At the other end of the spectrum, the new Seage Series also includes a 12’ heavy power model that’s capable of bombing a full one-pound payload beyond the bar. Longer Seage two-piece models feature angler-preferred 60/40 or 70/30 offsets.

Attendees at this week’s ICAST show are invited to see all 12 Seage Surf Series rods in the St. Croix Booth (#2223), or the versatile 10’6” medium-heavy power, moderate-fast action Seage model in the Saltwater Rod Category of the ICAST 2021 New Product Showcase.

All-NEW St. Croix Tundra Ice Series

The exciting new, semi-custom Tundra Ice Series is a culmination of ice-centric features and technologies wrapped in an extremely durable package at a retail-price range of $100 to $130 with a five-year warranty. Featuring nine distinct spinning models ranging from 26” to 36” in light to medium-heavy power, new fast and extra-fast action Tundra Series rods offer anglers different blanks and thoughtfully designed handle configurations for optimized comfort and performance in multiple ice presentations.

Attendees at this week’s ICAST show are invited to see all nine Tundra Ice Series rods in the St. Croix Booth (#2223). All-new Tundra is also St. Croix’s entry in the Ice Fishing Category of the ICAST 2021 New Product Showcase.

Reimagined and Expanded St. Croix BassX Series

Headlined by a trio of powerful, all-new swimbait models, St. Croix’s redesigned and comprehensive BassX Series expands from 14 to 16 models for 2022, setting a new standard in affordable, high-performance bass rods. Retail prices range from $120-$150 with a five-year warranty.

Reimagined and Expanded St. Croix Eyecon Series

Including all-new Jig-N-Rap and Rip-N Rap models, St. Croix’s angler-favorite Eyecon Series offers heightened performance and grows to 18 total models for 2022. Durability and angler comfort define this improved, comprehensive walleye series. Retail prices range from $140-$160 with a five-year warranty.

Reimagined and Expanded St. Croix Trout Series

St. Croix’s reimagined Trout Series is stronger, lighter and more comfortable for 2022 and includes several all-new two- and three-piece Trout Pack models. The 14-rod series features lengths, powers, and actions to support a full range of light-line-centric trout presentations. Retail prices range from $115 to $180 with a five-year warranty.

Two NEW St. Croix Legend Xtreme Series Models

Handcrafted in the USA for extreme sensitivity using St. Croix’s most exotic materials and technologies, the Legend Xtreme Freshwater Series grows for 2022 with a new 7’3” MLXF spinning model ideal for Ned rig presentations and a new 7’6” MHMF casting model optimized for presenting football jigs. Retail prices are $660 and $670 respectively and include a 15-year warranty.

All new-for 2022 St. Croix rods being announced this week at ICAST will be available to anglers at St. Croix dealers worldwide later this year.