Sunline expands their fluorocarbon leader offerings with Maboroshi, a new camoflauged fluorcarbon leader.  Maboroshi FC Leader is a 100% fluorocarbon leader material that features Sunline’s Vivid Dying Process, which significantly reduces the visibility of the leader material even further. The dying process adds five natural colors to the line helping it blend into rocks, wood or grass.
  •         100% fluorocarbon leader specific material
  •         Vivid Dying Processing with five metered colors
  •         Double resin processing
  •         Low water absorption for negligible strength loss
  •         50yd spool
  •         MSRP $15.59
Super Natural Nylon Monofilament expands for 2021 with a new high visibility metered color. The metered pattern repeats 12” of high visibility chartreuse and 48” of clear.
  •         Uniform diameter manufactured to a global standard
  •         Good balance of tensile and knot strength
  •         Supple and easy handling with low memory
  •    Metered color pattern alternating 12” high-visibility chartreuse and 48”clear
  •         330yd spool
  •         Available in 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 16lb and 20lb
  •         MSRP $15.49
Known as the ultimate power fishing angler, Jason Christie demands incredible strength and abrasion resistance in a fishing line to meet the challenges of heavy cover, short casts and explosive hook sets. Power2C was designed to Jason’s specifications to meet the demands of shallow water, heavy cover angling. As a premium fluorocarbon, it features extreme abrasion resistance against wood, boat dock cables and rocks. It also features the perfect shock absorption to overcome wicked hook sets on big fish with heavy action rods at short distance to insure no break offs, which plagues many fluorocarbon lines. Finally, Power2C features repeating high visibility markings on the line to provide greater visibility for line watching, to be able to see the lightest bites. The high visibility marking is 12” long followed by 48” of clear, allowing you to tie on in the clear section like a leader while still having the benefits of high visibility during the retrieve. Fluorocarbon can also be very hard to see in dirty or stained water conditions, so the high visibility markings act like a tracer allowing you to easily see the line no matter the water color.