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1. Stat of the Day
2. Money Matters
PRESENTED BY: Big Bite Baits
Black Friday Bonanza
Many companies have started their Black Friday sales already providing great deals for anglers to stock up on products. Here are a few deals that might be worth checking out.
3. Behind the Scenes
360 Imaging Conversion Kit from Fortrex to Ultrex
If you have Humminbird 360 imaging on a Minn Kota Fortrex trolling motor and are looking to upgrade to a Minn Kota Ultrex trolling motor, Humminbird offers an easy conversion kit to make that change. The 360 transducer mounts differently on each trolling motor, so it is a necessary conversion. The new 360 Mega Imaging is expected to be available soon.
4. Anglers Tribune
Why Spybaits Aren’t Only For Smallmouth
If you are only fishing spybaits for Smallmouth, Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Crews will politely let you know you are making a mistake. Crews who designed the SPRO Spin John 80, has utilized the bait with great success for Smallmouth, but is quick to say it can be as effective for Largemouth and Spotted Bass as well. “I think we are just getting started on figuring out how effective this style of bait can be, and all of the applications it can have,” says Crews. Targeting fish relating to sunken brush piles with a spybait is one technique Crews feels is currently being overlooked by anglers. “Fishing the Spin John over the top of sunken brush is something I have had great success with. It gives fish an entirely different look on fisheries that get a lot of pressure from anglers who typically fish crankbaits, jigs, or worms in brush piles. Counting the bait down to the perfect depth and cranking it slowly right over the top of the brush pile is an awesome technique,” Crews continued. Using the spybait to crack the code on the often fickle Blueback Herring fisheries of the Southeast is another area where the bait is beginning to shine. “The Spin John is a must have on Blueback lakes. Whether you are using it to fish for suspended fish or casting it around cane piles, the Spotted Bass in particular just react to it. As the water temperatures start to cool on those fisheries this time of year and the topwater bite dwindles, the spybait begins to shine.” Crews concluded. Check out the entire lineup of Spin John 80 baits here.
5. Baits Not Being Talked About
The Tour Toad Buzz combines two deadly baits into one, the Big Bite Baits Tour Toad Buzzbait joins the irresistible action of the Tour Toad with the fish attracting power of a buzzbait. Made with a fast rising head design and an oversized blade, the Big Bite Baits Tour Toad Buzzbait gets to the surface quickly and produces a very loud sputtering action that calls fish from far and wide. The Big Bite Baits Tour Toad Buzzbait also comes with a pre-rigged Tour Toad that provides a more aggressive splashing action than a traditional silicone skirted buzzbait.
6. What We’re Watching & Listening To
Scott Martin Heading To B.A.S.S.
Scott Martin’s followers patiently waited for his much anticipated announcement on November 19th. With a heartfelt and well thought out statement, Martin announced he will be taking his talents to B.A.S.S. Forgoing his invite to compete on the newly formed FLW Pro Circuit, Martin will compete in the Bassmaster Opens in 2020 in attempt to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic and Elite Series. Martin, who has one of the largest social media and YouTube followings in the game will now be promoting his brand while competing on the B.A.S.S. platform. This adds another interesting wrinkle to the ever changing landscape of professional fishing. Check out his announcement here.
7. Jersey Watch
2019 Elite Series Title Sponsors
Tour anglers are all making plans and working to secure title sponsors for the 2020 season. Here is a breakdown of the title sponsors of the 2019 Elite Series anglers.
8. Regional Recommendations
Located in Middlesboro, KY Imperial Bait & Tackle offers a full line of fishing tackle, including live bait. Known for their friendly customer service, Imperial Bait & Tackle has everything you need to spend a great day on the water. If you are in the Middlesboro, KY area stop by and check them out.
9. Best for Last
AFTCO Reaper Goes Camo
“Game Changer?” too cliché for AFTCO’s taste, but the Camo Reaper technical fleece hoodie is definitely making the game a lot more comfortable. AFTCO delivers with technical features like an integrated face / neck warmer, laser cut ventilation on mask / underarm, cinch shock cord anchoring system, Blocky Tapey pocket closure, AFGUARD stain release, sidearm logo hit, and a toasty 100% poly bonded micro fleece fabric. No disrespect to our favorite cotton hoodies, but the AFTCO Reaper fishing sweatshirt will easily be a staple when things cool down and warmth is a necessity. Wear as-is or as a crucial layering piece to stay warm on the water or in the woods. AFTCO pro Clifford Pirch has been wearing it already this year on his Arizona Elk hunts and has been pleased with the features. “One of the coolest features on the Reaper is the Blocky Tapey pocket closures. Staying as quiet as possible on a hunt is essential, and that feature allows me to be stealthy while opening and closing the pockets as opposed to VELCRO, which is really noisy. Plus it is by far the warmest hoodie I have ever worn.” said Pirch.