If you’re a Raymarine owner, you’re in luck! We’ve just released a new “Sync” feature that allows you to seamlessly sync your spots/waypoints between your Fishidy mobile app and your onboard Raymarine Axiom MFD. You can now spend less time logging data, and more time fishing! Be sure to download the latest version of the Fishidy app and learn how to get started with “Sync” on our blog: http://blog.fishidy.com/2019/12/waypoints-on-the-go-with-fishidy-sync/

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We changed it up this month and thought it would be fun to feature one of our Fishidy user’s works of art. Check out this psychedelic, abstract bass painting from Debbie. If you haven’t connected with her yet on Fishidy, you should. She’s quite the talented multi-species angler as well! View catch details »



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