Whitewater Fishing Shirt

Even the most versatile anglers have decided favorites – favorite species, favorite waters, and favorite gear. Certain lures, lines, rods, and reels simply inspire confidence. Whitewater believes the right angling apparel can and should inspire confidence, too. Wherever or however you fish, meet your favorite new fishing shirt… on or off the water. New Whitewater Rapids Fishing Shirt The versatile, comfortable and great-looking Rapids Fishing Shirt from Whitewater is available in long-sleeve and short-sleeve versions, multiple colors, and five sizes…

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Angler Landing Fishing Wearing Whitewater apparel

Lightweight performance fishing shirts provide comfortable and versatile protection from the sun’s harmful rays while wicking moisture to keep warm-weather anglers cool during the heat of the hunt. But many so-called fishing tech shirts have a downside. It’s called permastink. The lightweight polyester material which forms the fabrics that perform so well in warm temperatures has a very small pore structure that can trap and tightly grip bacteria and odor molecules. Once trapped, these odors can be difficult or impossible…

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St. Croix T-Shirts

At St. Croix Rod, we’re always thinking about new ways to make the Best Rods on Earth® even better – rods that give anglers more advantages in making a presentation, setting the hook, fighting the fish, and creating more and better angling memories in the process. Helping anglers earn the upper hand on the water has been our primary mission for nearly 75 years now. Here in Park Falls, we understand that angling passions never fade. The seasons change, you…

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Bagley and Northland Clothing

Anglers are asking more from their logo-wear. Beyond a flashy brand mark, they demand fishing clothes that perform, adding legitimate features and benefits to improve the fishing experience. Answering the call, Bagley and Northland introduce a series of performance fishing shirts to a deep and deepening selection of quality logo-wear.   Bagley Fade Sun Shirt (Black Fade) Bagley Fade Sun Shirt (Navy Blue Fade) FEATURES: 3.5 oz., 100% microfiber performance polyester Paragon Plus moisture management and antimicrobial treatments. Wrinkle-Resistant Finish…

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St. Croix Apparel

At St. Croix Rod, we understand that your passion for fishing is always with you. On the water or off, you’re always thinking about the next cast. We’re constantly thinking about your next cast, too – striving to make sure you have the Best Rods on Earth® that always deliver the upper hand in presenting your lure, setting the hook, and bringing your angling memories to hand. It’s the primary mission we’ve embraced here in Park Falls for over 70…

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