Aqua-Vu Ice Fishing

Remember your old grade school teacher, the one who kept her class from misbehaving by claiming she’d grown eyes in the back of her head? Her uncanny ability to spot student misdeeds with her back turned made you marvel at this apparent superpower. Now envision this amazing ability while angling— the power to see in all directions, simultaneously, while searching for fish. Imagine not just the waterscape immediately in front of your eyes, darkened by vast peripheral blindspots, but a…

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man with fish

  Crosslake, MN (November 4, 2020) – He’s known as Doctor Sonar, but for over a decade professional angler Bruce Samson has looked through the lens of an Aqua-Vu camera to boost his underwater intelligence. Now, the Central Minnesota fisherman is being recognized for his lifelong contributions to the sport he cherishes. One of seven legendary individuals inducted into the 2021 class of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, Samson remains a passionate, inquisitive student of the underwater world.…

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Angler holding Carp

Nathan Cutler remembers the first big carp he ever hooked. Standing on shore that day in 1999, exhausted and beaten, Cutler lamented the battle, the lost fish and the damage it had inflicted upon his gear. Among the casualties: The carp had stripped 150-yards of line from his spool, straightened the hook, melted the gears in his reel, burned the eyelet inserts on his rod and stripped the reel right off its seat. That was the day the lifelong Canadian…

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High school bass anglers win big via on-the-water screen time Kids today have been brought up in the screen generation. It’s a big reason so many young anglers have such a natural affinity for an underwater camera. A depthfinder can only show you so much, but put an Aqua-Vu in front of a kid and watch them light up. It’s pure excitement, but it’s also a great way to help these future anglers learn fish behaviors and how they react…

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Aqua-Vu Bluegill

From an angler’s perspective, sight-fishing for bass or other fish in dingy-water seems like a waste of time. But drop the optics of a high-definition Aqua-Vu camera into the dark abyss and perceptions of water clarity take a surprisingly positive turn. It’s a tantalizing possibility offered by angling electronics guru Dr. Jason Halfen, who frequently fishes dark-water rivers and reservoirs. “Around the country, we have a lot of stained or dirty water and that’s particularly true of the flowages and…

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