Largemouth Bass Underwater

For most anglers, watching the fish is something that happens only in the mind’s eye. You picture what your lure looks like, and how it moves underwater. You visualize what the weedbed or brushpile looks like and you wonder what types of fish might be inhabiting it. You imagine what it looks like when a bass first sees your lure and moves in for the strike. But unless you’re scuba diving or looking through the lens of an underwater camera,…

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Underwater Fish Camera Aqua-Vu

Key in a single YouTube search for “underwater footage,” and your device instantly kicks out over a hundred thousand hits. Even after filtering out the usual riff-raff of YouTube weirdness, you’re still left with hundreds of hours of spectacular underwater video—and the undeniable impression that anglers today can’t get enough of seeing what it really looks like when big bass, pike and panfish attack. The quickest, clearest conduit to the mesmerizing world beneath the surface, Aqua-Vu underwater viewing systems continue…

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Adam and Sean Konrad investigate with high-definition underwater optics. The Return of an Online Angling Sensation  Aqua-Vu® presents season-two of hit YouTube® series 39 Hours Crosslake, MN (January 6, 2020) – The last time YouTube heralded a certain, distinctly different fishing show, hit counts ran well into the six digits. Parades of positive comments scrolled down device screens seemingly for miles. Viewers clamored for more episodes, constantly checking social media feeds for clues on when the personality-driven fishing series might return. Exactly four years…

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      Ott DeFoe Talks Underwater Cameras   Bassmaster Classic Champ Outlines Aqua-Vu Strategic Advantages     Crosslake MN (April 16, 2019) – An increasingly important, though rarely talked-about tool in bass boats today, an underwater camera yields real-life fishing visuals that can’t be refuted. For 2019 Bassmaster Classic champion, Ott DeFoe, however, concealing a camera in boat storage is no longer an option, as his newest high-definition model is mounted right to the deck of his Nitro bass boat, alongside…

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