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You may have noticed skyrocketing prices while picking up a rod, reel, or pile of lures at your local tackle shop. Rest assured–by the time that price made it to the shelf, you weren’t the first with sticker-shock. Retailers are fighting the same battle against rising costs–often needing to choose between happy customers and keeping the lights on. Still, NPAA’s many retail members report they are surviving and even thriving in this dicey sales environment by carefully planning their purchases,…

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Angler Brian Latimer holds Bass

Underwater, the magic of a shakyhead worm actually happens at the opposite end of the bait. Angler shakes rod. Line sends pulses down to jighead. In theory, the worm’s tail dances, quivers and attracts interest from bass. But if it’s made from traditional PVC plastics, the bait eventually sinks back to the bottom and (pardon the pun) imitates worm food; stops moving; dies on the vine. You get the picture, and so do the bass. If the allure of shakyhead…

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Female Angler Holding Walleye

Since its introduction more than 25 years ago, Northland Fishing Tackle’s Mimic Minnow Shad has ranked as the company’s #1 selling lure. That should come as little surprise to the thousands who love it as an all-purpose target for walleyes, crappies, bass, trout, perch and sunfish. Now, the renown swimbait is getting an additional splash of color with four new patterns from the company’s popular Rumble Series of crankbaits. “The Mimic Minnow Shad is one of the most versatile and…

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Bait Conservation Tips

Wildlife Forever’s coalition of partners and bait shops across the Midwest are reminding anglers how to properly handle live bait after a day on the water.  Releasing leftover bait into the environment can pose risk of spreading diseases and aquatic invasive species, which can have devastating effects. New custom bait bags and posters with the message “Don’t Let it Loose” are now available for distribution. The bags give instructions about how to properly dispose of the bait in the trash or how…

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