Hellraizer fishing lure from Z-Man

No one knows for sure when Ron Davis first envisioned his original surface slashing ChatterBait. That includes Davis himself, whose workshop harbors an astonishing collection of never-before-seen, occasionally theoretical fishing lures. Some of these, Davis reserves for his personal fishing experiments. Others, like the new Z-Man HellraiZer . . . let’s just say this one was too good to remain undercover any longer. “I remember fishing the early versions of Ron’s remarkable topwater lure and hoping I could keep it…

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ZMan Micro Finesse

“When you build baits with ElaZtech,” suggests Jolee Myers, Operations Manager for Z-Man Fishing, “it unlocks a whole other horizon of bait shapes, sizes and performance. That’s just some of the sorcery behind Z-Man’s Micro Finesse system—an emerging series of super soft, vibrant, fish catching baits created with 10X Tough ElaZtech®.” Beginning three years ago, Z-Man undertook the challenge of crafting five micro-sized bait profiles, each tailored to fish seamlessly with a namesake Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jighead. “This spring, we…

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Bass on Swim Jig

Hop aboard the boats of legendary anglers Ned Kehde or Drew Reese and you’ll probably witness two different but equally effective bass tricks. You might discover, for instance, that Midwest finesse fishing often transcends TRDs™ and mushroom-shaped jigs. While Ned masterfully coaxes dozens of bites with one of his little red mushroom jigs, Reese might work heavier cover, plucking bass from brush and grass with his Midwest Finesse Swim Jig—another ace trick from the finesse architects at Z-Man Fishing. “I’m…

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Your time to fish is precious. So that means, from time to time, you’re going to encounter a summer day where it’s cold and maybe windy. And the water temperature has dropped maybe as much as 10 degrees. Ugh. Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Because we are anglers first at Rapala®, we anticipated days like this. And we have a solution for you. The ever-reliable Husky Jerk®, another Rapala classic. The secret sauce of the Husky Jerk Series…

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Spro Bait

Because most bass anglers would fish 365/24/7 if they could, SPRO® expands their fishing season for when the water gets colder and the bass gets harder to entice. Spro’s new Carbon Blade baits offer an assortment of lure designs so anglers can easily modify them to enhance the baits for any fishing situation. Available in two sizes, ½ and ⅜ ounces and 15 different colors, savvy anglers will have extreme versatility and nearly limitless combinations at their disposal. “Blade baits…

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