This month we are breaking down the top fall bass baits that will help you land more mega monsters. In the fall, many people have their minds on football or hunting season…but not you. You’re out there to lay the smackdown on fall fatties. Depending on your region and the particular season, the transition may begin at slightly different times. Regardless, here are five baits that will work. *Side Note: We are working backwards from colder to warmer waters.* 1.…

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Angler holding bass caught on ZMan Jack Hammer Bladed Jig

What the pros throw when they need a big bite might be an apt description for the lure that constantly headlines the top 10, if not 1st place, at most every major bass tournament across North America. It’s been called the unnamed bladed jig by non-sponsored anglers so many times that by now, it’s simply assumed they’re talking about the ChatterBait JackHammer—the de facto frontrunner within this new-classic lure category. At the 2018 Bassmaster Classic, contending angler Gerald Swindle made a confession: “I caught…

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