Slip Bobber

Growing up in a bait shop in Ottertail County, Minnesota, I can still remember the pegs of Northland floats and bright, yellow bins of jigheads. One of my father’s favorite ways of catching walleyes—besides deep-rigging double-hook ‘crawler rigs on heavy egg sinkers with jumbo leeches (which we trapped and sold both retail and wholesale across the country)—was fishing slip bobbers rigged simply with best-in-class, fresh jumbo leeches in late-afternoon and evenings on the numerous walleye-heavy lakes throughout the county. The…

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Woman Angler with Bluegill

Sometimes, you need to cast a country mile. Crappies start crashing on baitfish and you don’t want to disrupt the frenzy. You’re anchored and bluegills are popping in far away lily pads. Windblown walleyes are up against a rocky bank and you don’t want to risk a mangled prop. In all cases, the bobber and bait need to launch like a catapult. Fortunately, Northland’s new Lite-Bite Casting and Round Bobbers were conceived for making over-the-horizon casts. The balsawood Lite-Bite Casting…

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