Lake of the Ozarks is one of the largest lakes in Missouri. It is more than 84 miles long with 1,100 miles of shoreline. In places it reaches 130 feet deep. The huge lake offers great fishing for a variety of species including spotted bass, largemouth bass, catfish, and bluegill. Of course, it is also an amazing crappie lake as well. I’ve been fishing in several different states, but so far, no place I’ve been can beat this lake in…

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by Darl Black Ken Smith of Sharon, Pennsylvania, is a crappie fishing machine. I first met Ken 14 years ago in January on the ice at Pymatuning Lake while I was shooting photos for an article. He was the only person in a group of about dozen anglers who had crappies laying on the ice. It would be two years before I ran into him again. This time during mid-summer in the parking lot of a boat launch on Shenango…

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by Greg McCain In many ways, pulling crankbaits looms as an intimidating technique for catching summer crappie. With the conglomeration of rods, lures, electronics, and other boat accessories – plus the need-to-know details about fish location, depth, boat speed, and line length – pulling cranks can be something of a daunting proposition. The process does not have to be that way, however. In fact, those fishermen who practice the craft suggest that with just a little experience, trolling crankbaits for…

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by Greg McCain In a state full of fishing destinations, Green River Lake ranks as a proven producer of huge numbers of crappie. Located in south-central Kentucky, Green River often gets lost in the myriad of other crappie fisheries such as Dale Hollow, Kentucky, and Barkley lakes. Yet few Kentucky crappie-fishing venues offer the daily consistency of Green River, and the small reservoir also serves as a hub for a family-friendly vacation. Guide David Jones knows the lake well and…

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Alex Palmer opened a storage locker on his dad’s fishing boat and began rummaging through six tackle trays chock-full of colorful plastic crappie jigs. “We don’t have to worry about running out of baits,” the 17-year-old said with a laugh. Palmer sees to that. A junior in high school, he operates a business making crappie jigs. When he isn’t in school, he is hand-pouring plastic baits, then handing them off to his mom, dad and sister for quality control and…

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