Crappie caught using sonar

Two months ago, we shared research conducted by the Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) on the potential impacts of live-imaging sonar (LIS). In that study biologists said that while LIS may improve angler catch and size of crappie by casual weekend anglers, “overall differences were statistically minimal.” Now comes yet another LIS study by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. In his story about the new research, Randy Zellers, Assistant Chief of Communications for Arkansas G&F wrote that,…

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Angler Lands Giant Crappie

Few angling pursuits are as humble, simple and enjoyable as spring panfishing. We conjure images of bobbers and docks, spawning fish in the shallows, and plain presentations that always seemed to work from the depths of our childhood memories. For most of us, panfish is where it all started. But that’s not to say that the game is static, or that we haven’t come a long way from simpler times. Truth be told, there can be more nuance required to…

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Guide Tom Newstrom

He might not get around like he used to, but that doesn’t affect Nuestrom’s ice fishing success. You see, decades of exploring and experimenting on the hardwater have given Northwoods gray beard Tom Neustrom an acute understanding of where fish are and what they’re doing throughout the calendar year. Frankly, the days of plugging hundreds of holes and hopping around the ice are behind him. Why? Because he doesn’t have to. Mostly, Neustrom lands on fish, winter and summer. Come…

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Fishermen catching panfish from boat in fall

Whether targeted for fun or for the table, panfish please most anglers– especially lunker crappies and hand-sized bull bluegills. Fall is a great time to catch them, but with variables like changing vegetation, cooling weather, turnover, and fall bait migrations, how do you crack the code for consistent success? We asked four of the nation’s top panfish specialists five questions about fall crappie and bluegill fishing. Their answers will help anyone become a more successful fall panfish angler. Q1 –…

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Angler with Crappie

September is a special month for outdoorsmen. Although these days, temperatures rarely indicate such, Sept. 22 is the first official day of Fall. If you are a hunter, September routinely brings the beginning of hunting season – as Larry Whiteley also points out in this month’s “The Great Outdoors” column. In states that allow it, dove hunting often begins September 1. In my own home state (Tennessee), September also brings early waterfowl hunting seasons for geese, wood ducks and teal.…

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