Two Anglers Hold Large Walleye

“Social Distancing” to Devils Lake fishing guides is up close and personal while lifting a walleye in the net.  It’s arranging clients so they can easily watch their slip-bobbers.  And, high-fiving when they catch any of the lake’s popular summer-time species: walleyes, northern pike and white bass.   Life is returning to normal, with business about “even” right now compared to a year ago, according to Suzie Kenner, Devils Lake Tourism executive director.  “Travelers need to take the time to…

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Johnnie with a nice Walleye

Devils Lake fishing is a dream-maker.  It’s the reason so many out-of-area visitors plan vacations, trips, family fishing or guide trips and lodging in advance.  Those plans are temporarily on hold during the coronavirus travel and stay-at-home restrictions.  But, it’s like the stock market, don’t wait.  Those dreams will become realities in a few months.  Those who push back their mid-May and early-June trips to later in the year may also compete with many others trying to do the same.…

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Devil's Lake Walleye

When the Devils Lake ice sheet eases away from shore sometime in the latter weeks of April, the rush is on.  Anglers drop everything and travel from everywhere to intercept walleyes and northern pike which have been doing the same program for centuries. Pike and walleyes are hurrying upstream to perform their spring spawning rituals.  Fishermen are there to take a few of these for a fish dinner.  For decades, Devils Lake has provided a bounty for spring shoreline fishermen.…

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For some fishermen, planning, preparation and going to a special destination is the thrill.  To others, it is the actual fishing experience.  For the guys and gals with Devils Lake on the brain, it is both.  This gigantic lake in north-central North Dakota attracts people because as Perch Patrol guide Korey Sprengel said, “It’s always changing.  Every day is a challenge.  It’s an incredible fishery.” Guide John Adams loves it and so do his clients.  “Devils Lake is a mega-fishery. …

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DEVILS LAKE, N.D. – January 3, 2020 – Most fishermen have heard the phrase, “Shoulda been here yesterday.”   Right now, the Devils Lake ice fishing experts say, “Be here tomorrow.” The ice conditions are excellent to start the New Year with 18 inches of ice on Alice, Irving and Dry Lakes.  The main basin has 15-18 inches. There is some snow on the lake but warm temperatures have melted the snow down enough so anglers have been able to get…

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