They may be back in the office now, but you can bet the Hobie Eyewear crew will be working overtime to follow-up on all the orders and contacts they generated at ICAST “What an incredibly successful show we had in terms of overall traffic and new eyeballs on our brand,” said Dylan Coates, senior marketing coordinator for Hobie Eyewear. “We’ve never had that much attention before, and it was exciting to see several new product stories and branding initiatives we’ve…

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Prescription lens wearers who love fishing, boating and the outdoors lifestyle have long had a quandary when it comes to buying polarized sunglasses. Either they’ve had to make do with a single pair of glasses that simply can’t cover changing light and environmental conditions, purchase several pairs with Rx lenses in different tints to maximize outdoors vision options, or settle for bulky and unappealing after-market clip-on lenses that never look quite right. Enter Hobie Eyewear’s Duo Collection glasses, which feature…

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