This month we are breaking down the top fall bass baits that will help you land more mega monsters. In the fall, many people have their minds on football or hunting season…but not you. You’re out there to lay the smackdown on fall fatties. Depending on your region and the particular season, the transition may begin at slightly different times. Regardless, here are five baits that will work. *Side Note: We are working backwards from colder to warmer waters.* 1.…

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Fishing Lure Splashing Into Water

Welcome to Fall. As temperatures continue to drop, the fish in your favorite honey hole are dramatically increasing their feeding activity, adding the bulk necessary to outlast the even colder weather ahead. “There’s no doubt about it, the fall bite is here,” says Clay Torson, a St. Croix pro-staffer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “No matter where you live, that should equate to some really good fishing over the next few weeks. By now, the fish know there’s no time to…

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