I used to believe that anyone who fishes with a guide must actually know how to fish. When I started my own guide service in 1999, however, I quickly realized how wrong I’d been. Truth is, fishing clients show up at the boat with every conceivable combination of physical, mental, social, and angling skills. All of this is of great interest to the keen fishing guide. Your job as a guide is to figure out – as quickly as possible…

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Pro Angler Landing Fish from Bass Boat

What does it take to be a professional angler? In Part 1 we discovered that it’s a lot more than big fish, fancy boats, and tournament trophies. In fact, the most highly visible professionals in the fishing industry recognize their success depends not only on fishing prowess, but on the hard work, determination and efforts of many other industry pros who have helped them succeed. “How do you define a fishing pro?” asks National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) member Capt.…

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Angler Holding Smallmouth

What defines a professional angler? Ask someone off the street and they’ll likely describe fancy boats, bright lights and big fish. Ask those who stand atop the leaderboard, however, and they’ll tell a different story – one of hard work, determination, and the efforts of many other industry pros who have helped them succeed. “You can’t get to the top without others to lift you up,” says, Patrick Neu, president of the 1,400-member non-profit National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA). “Nobody…

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Fishing Guide Holds Rod

Owner of Dax’s Fishing Guide Service, 44-year-old Dax Szegda resides in Chetek, Wisconsin and most often fishes the productive and storied waters in and around Polk and Vilas Counties – with clients, with family and friends, and sometimes by himself. For Szegda, fishing provides the means for a living as well as a welcomed form of personal relaxation and quality time with family. “As far as my guiding goes, I have been a licensed fishing guide for 13 years now.…

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Boat Captain

Explorer’s Guide Online (EGO), America’s premier online captain’s licensing program, is pleased to announce its partnership with the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) for the 2021 season. EGO is beyond excited to work with anglers, on-the-water educators, guides, and other professionals as they earn their maritime licenses. A captain’s license is required for any mariner carrying “passengers-for-hire.” Captain Bobby Carsey, the owner of EGO, is a former Coast Guard Commanding Officer and knows just how crucial proper licensing is to…

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