Ice fishing missions in the Northcountry frequently greet you with soul-stirring sunrises and profoundly peaceful surroundings. Ice, of course, also begets predictably frosty temperatures, and if you’re not careful, numb hands. Thankfully, the popularity of the wintery pursuit has bred excellent angling technology—things like valuable fish-finding sonar, plus outerwear and gloves that keep your extremities warm and dry. But what happens when forced to remove your gloves to perform basic tasks like constantly replacing baits? Digits begin to struggle with…

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Jason Mitchell Holds Walleye

Northland is proud to announce the addition of fishing industry stalwart, Jason Mitchell, TV host and producer, and former esteemed walleye guide, to their ranks of open-water pro staff and product development team. “We’ve been using open-water Northland Fishing Tackle stuff for years. I’m a big fan of the Rainbow Spinner Harnesses, Butterfly Blade Float’n Harnesses, Deep-Vee Jig, and much more. Northland has iconic products especially in the walleye fishing realm that we’re all familiar with. So, I’m especially pleased…

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Fly Fishing Angler

Hardy Fly Fishing is showing its commitment to young anglers by sponsoring two members of the new US Youth Fly Fishing Team, Drew Bone from Bernalillo, New Mexico and Max Logan of Boulder, Colorado.   Drew Bone from Bernalillo, New Mexico Max Logan from Boulder, Colorado   Drew, who was introduced to fly fishing through his parents at the age of 2, and who became serious about competing in 2019, recently made the US Youth Fly Fishing Team after he…

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Hooked Fish

Northland Fishing Tackle’s NEW Tungsten Gill-Getter Jig just may be the next heavyweight champion when it’s time to go toe to toe in tough conditions with your favorite ice-fishing targets. A denser version of Northland’s ever popular Gill-Getter design, the new challenger effortlessly punches through slush and delivers a knockout blow to big bluegill, pumpkinseed, jumbo perch, walleye, trout, and other hardwater contenders on the prowl below. With a sleek, compact Flat-Belly™ body that slides effortlessly through the water, the…

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Walleye caught while ice fishing

Amazingly versatile, Northland Tackle’s new Bro Bug Spoon is the catch-all solution you’ve been looking for as hardwater season approaches. Designed to match the hatch, its slender body resembles young-of-the-year baitfish or freshwater bloodworms, favorite wintertime targets of perch, bluegills, crappies and walleyes, among other ice-fishing targets. “This spoon is super effective in a variety of ice-fishing situations,” said Northland pro-staffer and veteran multi-species fishing guide, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “It’s long and thin, making it easy for predator species to…

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