Ice Fishing Walleye

Rippled, open waters are rapidly flattening across the northern reaches of the country, igniting the passions of avid ice anglers as they freeze closed. Right now – as the arenas are formed – season goals are being set, local excursions and farther-reaching adventures are being planned, and all manner of ice-fishing gear is being prepped. Of course, many ardent hardwater anglers are also thinking about new equipment; specifically, they’re thinking about new rods to support the various tactics they’ll employ…

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Aqua-Vu Bass Prospecting

Beyond a few feet of water, bass and other fish avoid visual detection via the mere presence of the aquatic blanket. They’re further separated and shrouded from the terrestrial world by surface glare, wave action and planktonic veils that reduce water clarity. Providing even greater security, boat docks, flooded trees and matted vegetation invite angler curiosity, yet prevent us from seeing what actually lies beneath. The darker and more impenetrable the hideout, the greater its chances, it seems, that a…

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Angler with Muskie

It’s just about time. Musky aficionados are fastidiously prepping gear and anxiously awaiting season openers across the big fish belt. They know that late spring and early summer can be some of the most exciting and productive times to be on the water, as big, banded brawlers – fresh off the spawn and unpressured by anglers for months – are becoming increasingly active with warming water temperatures. Such is the case in all the great musky waters – from Indiana,…

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Raymarine Screenshot

Times have changed for almost everyone on the globe; people suddenly have more time on their hands, including millions of passionate boaters. For those fortunate to have access to their boats and local waterways, boating in accordance with social-distancing practices remains a welcomed and socially-responsible respite from sheltering in place. And for the millions of others unable to access or launch their boats due to regulations designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, thoughts of boating in the coming weeks…

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Cannon Downrigger Website

Cannon, the leader in smart, connected downriggers and trolling technology announces the redesign of its website The new, user-friendly website provides a seamless educational and ecommerce experience for anglers looking to run deep with Cannon Downriggers and access new levels of fishing potential. Packed with features and content specific to trolling and fishing at depth, the new site aims to educate and build confidence with downrigger fishing for both new and seasoned anglers. The educational components integrated into the…

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