This month we are breaking down the top fall bass baits that will help you land more mega monsters. In the fall, many people have their minds on football or hunting season…but not you. You’re out there to lay the smackdown on fall fatties. Depending on your region and the particular season, the transition may begin at slightly different times. Regardless, here are five baits that will work. *Side Note: We are working backwards from colder to warmer waters.* 1.…

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Bob Downey with Smallmouth Bass

Increasingly, today’s bass anglers love to tell you which species they prefer, brown or green. But it’s the former that continues to spawn a cult-like following. Even a self-described largemouth nut or honest walleye angler will admit to enjoying a smallmouth outing now and again. And for good reason; smallmouth bass fight hard and are widely distributed. But don’t be fooled by the big bags of brown bass from famous fisheries that continuously fill our media screens and social media feeds;…

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Pro Angler David Walker Lands Bass

“Even after fishing this amazing bait material for over a decade, we’re still exploring its outer limits and discovering new ways to rig and fish it,” suggests renowned tournament angler, David Walker, among the first to experiment with the new generation of super plastics. Legendary angler and bait designer Drew Reese, who fished the very first Bassmaster Classic, describes it this way: “ElaZtech baits exhibit the underwater angle all lure companies have been trying to achieve since the early 1900s: to…

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Angler Holding Snook

Shore-based anglers targeting saltwater species from beaches, jetties and piers recognize the months or April and May as an exciting transition time. Warming temperatures promote increased activity among various resident fish, while also triggering epic migrations of striped bass, tarpon and other species that bring the largest individuals close to shore and within casting range. It’s a busy time for the serious surf anglers who plan ahead, traveling up and down the coasts to chase down the best bites. But…

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St. Croix Rods

Any discussion of pre-spawn bass is bound to include the topic of crankbaits. Why? Put simply, of all the baits in the boat, cranks offer distinct advantages over most other lure types, especially in the springtime. “Bass feed up in the early season before they spawn,” says Addison, Alabama MLF tournament competitor and St. Croix pro, Jesse Wiggins. “As water temps start to rise and baitfish get livelier, bass get used to chasing them.” That makes active presentations like crankbaits…

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