We are less than one week out from the kickoff of the Inaugural ASA Keep America Fishing Online Tournament! We encourage you to register, review the rules and prepare your gear. There are 6 species of fish and we’ve added regional categories for bass bringing us to a total of 10 categories with a whopping 24 prize packs! Presented by Johnson Outdoors, the tournament will be coordinated by Fishing Chaos, the foremost online tournament platform, and judged by Reel Tournament…

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Whether you’re a tournament angler, charter captain, or tackle retailer, we’ve got the info you need to ride the waves of this turbulent economy. Tournament Anglers: The Increased Cost of Chasing Your Dreams There’s no doubt professional anglers and weekend warriors are both feeling the sting of inflation these days. With gas prices still hovering around $4 per gallon, and food and lodging significantly more costly than last year, you can bet just about every tournament angler is reeling from…

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For decades, Northland and Bagley have been pioneers in developing the most innovative and accurate baits in fishing, hence their “match-the-hatch” mantra. It’s undeniable the advanced products catch freshwater fish of all stripes. With that said, there are classic shapes that continue catching fish since the conception of soft plastics. In that spirit, Northland goes back to the basics with the new Rigged Gum-Ball® Grub, Minnow, and Swimbait Jigs. Affordably priced and easy to operate, the trio of new baits…

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You may have noticed skyrocketing prices while picking up a rod, reel, or pile of lures at your local tackle shop. Rest assured–by the time that price made it to the shelf, you weren’t the first with sticker-shock. Retailers are fighting the same battle against rising costs–often needing to choose between happy customers and keeping the lights on. Still, NPAA’s many retail members report they are surviving and even thriving in this dicey sales environment by carefully planning their purchases,…

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Did you know the Inaugural ASA Keep America Fishing Online Tournament has a team bass competition in addition to the seven individual categories? Get your team together and compete for trophies in the Team Bass category. Does your company have a pro team? Get them signed on as well. Don’t have a team? Invite your customers to put together their own team. It’s fun and easy to do. Click the Register button to sign up or get more information about…

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