Woman Angler with Bluegill

Sometimes, you need to cast a country mile. Crappies start crashing on baitfish and you don’t want to disrupt the frenzy. You’re anchored and bluegills are popping in far away lily pads. Windblown walleyes are up against a rocky bank and you don’t want to risk a mangled prop. In all cases, the bobber and bait need to launch like a catapult. Fortunately, Northland’s new Lite-Bite Casting and Round Bobbers were conceived for making over-the-horizon casts. The balsawood Lite-Bite Casting…

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Angler with Crappie

Floats don’t always flush. In fact, the preponderance of panfish bites are transmitted as pops, pings and pulls. Run-of-the-mill floats – as seen in the bargain bins – aren’t designed for precision, finesse fishing, but rather to sell at the cheapest possible price. They’re not perfectly balanced. They’re constructed of inferior materials. They twist into a bird’s nest on the cast. Northland dismisses all those foibles with its new Lite-Bite Spring Float. Built from premium balsawood, the remarkably sensitive floats…

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