Fishing Tackle

You can buy the most expensive line available, but without tying the proper knot that critical connection to the fish can easily be broken, no matter how expensive the line is. With the advancement of new materials being used for fishing lines it has also created a need for anglers to use different knots for each of the different types of line. Sunline has 10% of their employees located in the R&D department and those staff members spend every day…

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Soft Steel Fluorocarbon

Soft Steel USA has been known in the long range circles for a couple of decades with its high quality product line in Fluorocarbon and Monofilament lines.  This years introduction of Stretchable Fluorocarbon will be a game changer for anglers looking for an edge. “The new Stretchable Fluorocarbon is going to really change the way anglers think about their gear,” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager.  “With the properties of monofilament line, you will be able to get tighter knot…

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