Hobie Eyewear

They slice through glare so you can peer deep into the water, sport Removeable Side Shields and an Adjustable Neoprene Retainer, weigh next to nothing, and won’t sink if dropped overboard. Start adding up the many features of Hobie Eyewear’s NEW Monarch Float Polarized Sunglasses and the sum total is a versatile angling edge and comfortable casual look that can’t be denied. Available now on, and ready to ship to retailers, they come in four great Hobie lens styles…

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Angler Hank Cherry

Repurposing is the name of the game in sunglasses. Buy a pair and hope they’ll perform as well in the boat as on the ski slope or driving to the grocery store. Makes sense…mostly. But what makes even more sense for anglers is owning an outrageously affordable pair that was critically conceived by Hobie Eyewear – with input from Hank Cherry – and engineered specifically for the demands of bass fishing: Hank Cherry Champions Collection. Hobie Eyewear’s premium polarized lenses…

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“It’s especially important to wear your sunglasses when spending time on or around the water,” says Dylan Coates, senior marketing coordinator for Hobie Eyewear. “Even on days with light cloud cover or only moderate sunshine, UV rays have the potential to damage your eyes not only from directly shining on your face but from reflecting off the water as well. Essentially, you should wear shades from sun-up to sundown whether fishing, enjoying water sports or spending time on the beach.”…

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They may be back in the office now, but you can bet the Hobie Eyewear crew will be working overtime to follow-up on all the orders and contacts they generated at ICAST “What an incredibly successful show we had in terms of overall traffic and new eyeballs on our brand,” said Dylan Coates, senior marketing coordinator for Hobie Eyewear. “We’ve never had that much attention before, and it was exciting to see several new product stories and branding initiatives we’ve…

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Angler Hank Cherry

Fishing fans know Hank Cherry as one of the hottest bass pros on the circuit over the past few years, and when Hank speaks up, just about everybody bends an ear. Winner of the 2020 and 2021 Bassmaster Classics, the 48-year-old North Carolinian has strung together some impressive seasons since kicking off his career nine years ago. Renowned for his ability to wrestle hawgs and limit creels from skinny waters where seeing below the surface at a significant distance provides…

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