Mimic Swim Jig

  Swimbait fishing has its origins on the southern reservoirs of California. Back in the 80’s, anglers learned to mimic the looks and locomotion of trout. Why? Like stripers on mid-state reservoirs, gigantic black bass realize the full-meal-deal these stocked fish provide. Over time, bassers around the country applied the presentation to their local quarry, regardless if trout were on the menu, because swimbaits can emulate everything from bluegills to shiners and shad. Now, improving on what the market has…

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Since day one, Northland’s mission has always been the same—to build a better bait for everyday anglers and pros alike. That’s why they’ve partnered with best-in-class hook manufacturer Gamakatsu on several new products for late 2022 and 2023. One of these exciting new products is the Elite Series MVP Jig, an ultra-sharp weapon with several unique design features. Elite Series MVP Jig (Parrot) For starters, the jig features a Gamakatsu Jig 90 Big River hook with a large gap and…

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Angler with Walleye caught on Northland Jig

Northland Fishing Tackle® has taken the jighead world by storm with their new Deep-Vee Jig, an unusually shaped gem with a giant, pronounced and reflective eye and narrow, hydrodynamic keel design. It also has a wide gap, sticky sharp hook, and perfectly-sized bait keeper. Available in four sizes—1/16-, 1/8-, 1/4-, and 3/8-ounce – there’s a great option regardless of depth, species, or bait choice. And with over a dozen fish-catching colors to choose from, there’s something for every situation, regardless…

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Walleye Caught on Northland Jig

No lure has advanced walleye fishing more than Northland’s original Fire-Ball® Jig. The proof is at the podium, too, the transformative jig earning payday after payday for professional and amateur tournament anglers alike. The recreational angler is a winner as well, winnings piling up in the form of luscious fillets in the fryer. Parrot Intelligent Design Chin-hook a minnow on your typical longer shanked jig and the bait flails behind flopping unnaturally, the minnow losing color and posture as it’s…

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