From the godfathers of modern jig technology comes a slew of new jigs designed specifically for largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass. Meticulously architected for tactical techniques, Northland’s new assortment covers a medley of applications, from weedless slithering through the greenery, to stealth footballing and small profile headstands on the bottom. The entire Elite Series collection is forged on premium Gamakatsu hooks. That means the best wire for strength and consistency. The best tempering, so they won’t break or straighten. And…

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You’d better be hot if you’re going to be called “Fire-Ball,” and that’s exactly how a new jig – now available – from Northland is coming across. Meet the Weedless Fire-Ball and Weedless Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jigs, specialized versions of the perennial favorite Fire-Ball Jig that solve the problem of delivering bait in the weeds without fouling. Fire-Ball fans will instantly recognize the unique shape of these round and stand-up style jigs, which are patterned after the all-time money-winning lure on…

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Walleye Held By Angler

When it comes to catching fish—especially walleyes—it’s hard to beat jigging. That means vertical presentations, pitching, slipping, and other creative ways to present a jig and live bait or plastic to the willing walleyes. Speaking of jigs, although there are a lot of different variations on the market, Northland offers a host of baits that match every water body and situation an angler can encounter. For starters, the Fire-Ball Jig and minnow is the bread and butter of walleye fishing…

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Bucktail Jig

Long before plastic there was hair. Do-it-yourself jig makers have been tying with bucktail, marabou, rabbit hair and other natural fibers for decades. Eventually, lure manufacturers caught on and designed hair jigs for the masses. Now, Northland Fishing Tackle takes a quantum leap forward with the Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig, a bait with matchless detail and performance. The Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig sports a keeled “DEEP-VEE” design that’s thicker on top and thin on the bottom to track straight and fall fast.…

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VMC Jigs

There’s no end to the versatility that VMC® jigs offer. Ice fishing for catfish in Kansas. Open water vertical jigging for deep water walleye in June. You name it, VMC® has it: darter and tube jigs, hair jigs, ned rig jigs, panfish jigs, shaky jigs, swimbait jigs, swinging jigs, tungsten jigs, underspin jigs, walleye jigs, wacky jigs, glidefish jigs, ice fishing jigs. No matter what you fish for – walleye, bass, panfish, trout, catfish, pike, etc. – VMC® has you…

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