Lure Lock Bag

Lure Lock, makers of the revolutionary tackle box system featuring their patented Tak Logic Gel technology, is pleased to introduce the Roll-Up storage system.  New for 2021, the Roll-Up allows anglers to effectively store lures, tools, and other gear in a whole new manner.  The Roll-Up’s unique design is able to be stored in any position, while keeping the contents firmly secured and held in place with the Tak Logic GEL. Whether you are hopping into your buddy’s fishing boat,…

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Lure Lock Soft-Sided Bag

From hauling your Lure Lock boxes to and from your boat or keeping them contained in one of your boat’s storage compartments, the new Lure Lock Pack provides you with an easy and convenient way to store five LL2 Lure Lock boxes. A durable, water-resistant nylon material will allow you to be out in the elements and know your Lure Lock Boxes and tackle are protected, and with a molded waterproof bottom, you will not have to worry about water seeping…

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Lure Lock Lure Locker

Lure Lock Commits Itself to Angler Advancement and Education via the NPAA Initiatives Lure Lock the premier manufacturer of tackle boxes and the company that literally turned the fishing tackle storage world upside down, has renewed as a supporting partner of the National Professional Anglers Association for the 2021 season. “The partnership we had with the NPAA in 2020 was a mutually beneficial one, and we are excited to be working with their organization and anglers again in,” stated Lure…

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Lure Lock Lure Locker

Looking for a way to store all of your Lure Lock boxes?  Want to keep them off the ground at eye level for easily identifying the baits you need?  The Lure Lock Lure Locker is what you need! The Lure Locker won the 2018 ICAST Best of Show Award for the Tackle Management Category was designed to give anglers the ability to keep all of their Lure Lock cases organized and ready for their next fishing trip.  Constructed with durable…

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Lure Lock Fishing Tackle Box

The 4-inch deep tackle box, complete with Tak Logic Technology Gel and 4-in-1 box offers a unique divider system allowing anglers to customize their box from one to 24 compartments, or remove all the dividers altogether and use the two, one-inch trays for three levels of tackle organization. Made of 100% Polypropylene for enhanced durability, the deep box from Lure Lock features patented Tak Logic Technology which is scent free, easy to clean and environmentally safe. This deep box is…

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