ZMan Micro Finesse

“When you build baits with ElaZtech,” suggests Jolee Myers, Operations Manager for Z-Man Fishing, “it unlocks a whole other horizon of bait shapes, sizes and performance. That’s just some of the sorcery behind Z-Man’s Micro Finesse system—an emerging series of super soft, vibrant, fish catching baits created with 10X Tough ElaZtech®.” Beginning three years ago, Z-Man undertook the challenge of crafting five micro-sized bait profiles, each tailored to fish seamlessly with a namesake Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jighead. “This spring, we…

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Redfish caught on saltwater shrimp

“We call it the ‘Salty Ned ShrimpZ,’” says inshore saltwater guide and Z-Man pro, Captain C.A. Richardson. “It’s my newest little saltwater nugget for big redfish, snook and seatrout. When the water’s cold or extra clear—or any time fishing pressure is extreme—a Salty Ned can be even better than livebait. And now, rather than borrowing baits from our freshwater boxes, we’ve got a new Ned goody, all to ourselves.” In recent seasons, as Richardson and other intelligent inshore anglers recognized…

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Angler Lands Redfish

Call it a ruse. An evolutionary act of deception. An athletic, evasive action, not unlike the quick-footed sidestep of a running back. In water, a crab’s forward-facing eyes and claws trick predators into thinking slow, straightforward easy meal. But when a redfish or tarpon attacks, a crab launches into an unexpected sideways flush of bubbles and debris. Claws and appendages fold back and trail its shell in an oddball orientation that doesn’t make sense. Unless you’re a crab. In which case,…

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What sort of conjuring could have breathed so much life into such a singular lure? What happens when you converge heartrending vibration with the style and the soul of a ChatterBait®? Uncover the answers when you slash Z-Man’s ingenious HellraiZer lure across the surface . . . and confront some of the craziest topwater action of your life. Created by original ChatterBait architect Ron Davis, the new Z-Man HellraiZer carves the water with a familiar pulse and sound— and a mad, desperate…

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Scatter Rap

There are some days where you want to break up the routine and try something completely new. Where you feel like being a disruptor. When you want to break on through to the other side. Zig when others are zagging. For those days, tie on a Scatter Rap®. With its unique custom Scatter Lip, the Scatter Rap® Minnow swims with an erratic and evasive sweeping action – perfectly mimicking vulnerable baitfish. Some anglers, like Tom Boley, say the Scatter Rap…

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