Angler with Muskie

The fabled and ferocious muskie is often stereotyped as an up-north fish. Would you believe that nearly half of the United States has a population, either naturally occurring or stocked? Add in the beast’s Canadian range and muskies are more common than thought. Summertime is their thing. Muskies are caught year-round, but for your best chance at a hookup, June, July and August are primetime, especially for sheer numbers. We’ve amassed a shopping list of time-honored, muskie-centric gear to get…

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Angler with Muskie

Good musky fishing is where you find it. And during the months of May and June throughout the prime musky waters of the Canadian provinces, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and other states, musky experts Steve Heiting, Cody Hahner and Barb Carey agree that you’ll find it in some very specific places. They say water temperatures and available food are the two guiding factors. Crack the code by using the mapping, side-imaging sonar and temperature features of…

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Angler catching fall muskie

Fall is a magical time to be on the water, especially up north. The cottagers have mostly gone home and aside from the occasional pier-service vessel whisking away boat lifts or sections of dock, the clear, post-turnover waters are now largely the domain of anglers and waterfowl hunters. In lakes and other waters where they exist, muskies are firmly on the feed, getting fat on whatever they can ambush – fish, muskrats, turtles, you name it. And amidst the drone…

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Anglers landing muskie

Musky anglers don’t always agree on the best ways to catch the fish of 10,000 casts. Variations in today’s lures and tackle mean there’s more choices than ever to support multiple musky techniques and presentations, any of which can decrease that 10,000 number to something a lot more reasonable. That said, at least three of the most successful musky anglers in the Upper Midwest do agree on something: the month of September is one of the best times to be…

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Muskie splashing while angler reels in

So far this month, we’ve discussed how length, power, and action combine to define the basic performance characteristics of a fishing rod. Last week, we specifically asked our bass experts to share personal thoughts and insights on their favorite rods. This week we dive into the panfish, walleye, and musky categories. We asked our pros the same maddening question: If you could carry just one rod, what would it be? We’re hoping their answers will help the rest of us…

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