You’d better be hot if you’re going to be called “Fire-Ball,” and that’s exactly how a new jig – now available – from Northland is coming across. Meet the Weedless Fire-Ball and Weedless Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jigs, specialized versions of the perennial favorite Fire-Ball Jig that solve the problem of delivering bait in the weeds without fouling. Fire-Ball fans will instantly recognize the unique shape of these round and stand-up style jigs, which are patterned after the all-time money-winning lure on…

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Anglers at tournament

This isn’t a story about two young cousins winning a recent walleye tournament, although Charlie and Jace Peterson did stump the field in the Knights of Columbus Walleye Classic on Minnesota’s Lake Bemidji. No, it’s more about how a couple kids matured into productive and principled young men by way of the water. 23-year-old Jace Peterson is the son of angler and public-school educator Travis Peterson and grandson to Northland Fishing Tackle forefather Duane Peterson. Charlie Peterson also calls Duane…

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Angler lands bass

If it walks like a duck, it’s a duck…or maybe a frog, loon, lab rat, blackbird, or baby turtle. At least that’s what the bass say. These dedicated surface smashers don’t discriminate against much of anything struggling or stroking on the surface that represents a square meal. With topwater mayhem on the mind, Northland Fishing Tackle brings forth the Reed-Runner Walking and Popping Frogs, now available at your favorite tackle outlet or direct from the horse’s mouth. Frequent frogger and…

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Slip Bobber

Growing up in a bait shop in Ottertail County, Minnesota, I can still remember the pegs of Northland floats and bright, yellow bins of jigheads. One of my father’s favorite ways of catching walleyes—besides deep-rigging double-hook ‘crawler rigs on heavy egg sinkers with jumbo leeches (which we trapped and sold both retail and wholesale across the country)—was fishing slip bobbers rigged simply with best-in-class, fresh jumbo leeches in late-afternoon and evenings on the numerous walleye-heavy lakes throughout the county. The…

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Joel Nelson lands walleye on Northland bucktail

His boat is more of a laboratory. A vessel for transporting fishing’s equivalent of beakers, Bunsen burners and Petri dishes: rods, reels, line, and lures. Today’s featured scientist, Northland’s Joel Nelson, shares the results of his successful experimentation on walleyes. In this must-see VIDEO, Nelson shares data on crankbait rigging and size selection, fishing in the wind, playing the weeds, and a fantastic short essay on rod selection for your summer walleye fishing. Northland’s Rumble Shad is almost like a…

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