Crappie Lures

Run a search for ‘new panfish baits’ and you quickly realize the internet could stand to rethink its definition of new. Blame Wikipedia. Or Virgil Ward (j/k) Either way, appearing on screen are a whole lot of old feathered jigs, rubber tube baits and twistertail grubs—not to mention the odd antique inline spinner. All proven crappie and panfish baits, no doubt. If we’re being honest, though, panfish anglers (over 8-million strong) deserve to benefit from the same level of lure innovation…

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by Tim Huffman Stover Missouri is home to the new American Crappie Trail Angler of the Year, Kyler Beckmann. He and his father, Shannon, started chasing the title and fished together through the Grenada tournament. Their journey took a sad turn, however, when Shannon suddenly died. The tragedy led Kyler to continue to pursue their goal as he fished by himself the remainder of the circuit season. Beckmann is a full-time guide in Missouri. Sponsors include RaceTrac, Edgar Rods, Lucas…

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Angler Lands Giant Crappie

Few angling pursuits are as humble, simple and enjoyable as spring panfishing. We conjure images of bobbers and docks, spawning fish in the shallows, and plain presentations that always seemed to work from the depths of our childhood memories. For most of us, panfish is where it all started. But that’s not to say that the game is static, or that we haven’t come a long way from simpler times. Truth be told, there can be more nuance required to…

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Guide Tom Newstrom

He might not get around like he used to, but that doesn’t affect Nuestrom’s ice fishing success. You see, decades of exploring and experimenting on the hardwater have given Northwoods gray beard Tom Neustrom an acute understanding of where fish are and what they’re doing throughout the calendar year. Frankly, the days of plugging hundreds of holes and hopping around the ice are behind him. Why? Because he doesn’t have to. Mostly, Neustrom lands on fish, winter and summer. Come…

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Devils Lake Ice Fishing

With upwards of six inches of solid ice on the main Devils Lake basin and more on the “northern” lakes, Devils Lake, North Dakota is bracing for the onslaught of ice fishermen.  Many regulars arrive and operate under the DIY mode.  Those unfamiliar with the 240,000 acre lake hire guide services. Guide services provide all tackle, bait, electronics, shelters, heaters and select fishing spots they know have been producing.  The advantage of large guide services is that some guides are always exploring for…

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