Whether popping or cranking for roaming pelagics or working schools vertically, presenting big hardware for powerful saltwater behemoths is hard work. Angling stamina can wear down to the point where presentations become sloppy and less effective, or – even worse – to the point where fishing days end prematurely. Encompassing 16 distinct boat models (Rift Salt) and 12 jigging models (Rift Jig), all-new St. Croix Rift Series rods are offered as a direct response to nearshore saltwater anglers demanding thinner…

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Panfish Caught Underwater

Crappies are crappin’, bluegills are buggin’ and perch are in peril. Why? St. Croix Rod of Park Falls, Wisconsin, USA, has leveraged all it knows, employed all its top technologies, and unleashed one of its fishiest materials to-date in the creation of nine all-new technique-driven panfish rods poised to give more anglers than ever the upper hand in the pursuit of panfish. Recognized, respected and trusted worldwide, St. Croix’s vast Avid Series has earned its place as a preferred choice…

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Walleye Angler

Widely recognized, respected and trusted on its significant merits, St. Croix’s vast Avid Series has earned its place as a preferred choice of experienced anglers seeking an optimal combination of premium materials, sensitivity, durability, technology and value in an American-crafted fishing rod. The Avid series is so significant, in fact, that it has been designated by St. Croix as a legacy series, meaning it’s highly unlikely to ever be retired. This legacy continues in 2023, with the newest chapter in…

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Angler catches salmon

Designed and handcrafted to help anglers master the full gamut of torturous trolling techniques used to target heavy, hard-pulling salmon and steelhead, all-new St. Croix Onchor Salmon and Steelhead rods were conceived in the Pacific Northwest for the benefit of salmon trollers everywhere. Effective trolling requires building a spread to match the changeable conditions at hand. Presenting diverse lures and baits on multiple rods to cover different parts of the spread often means complex delivery systems; downriggers, planer boards, directional…

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It’s been a busy year in Park Falls, Wisconsin. St. Croix Rod – handcrafters of the Best Rods on Earth® – are unveiling an unprecedented 12 new or completely reengineered rod series for 2023 at ICAST this week featuring new materials, new ergonomics, and new levels of performance for all anglers across all price points. The entire St. Croix team invites all ICAST 2022 attendees to come and see and feel every new St. Croix rod for 2023 at tomorrow’s…

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