Angler with Walleye

Northland Fishing Tackle® has made a splash in the premium hardbait category with the Rumble balsawood crankbait series designed by Northland chief bait designer Jarmo Rapala—and fishing is better with balsa. Looking forward to the spring walleye bite, Northland is proud to offer anglers the Rumble Shad, a mid-running crankbait available in three sizes with varying diving depths. You’ll quickly discover walleyes and other species find the lure’s unique roll and tight action simply irresistible! The #5 dives 5’ to…

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Anglers holding muskie

When fishing the meanest fish that swim in freshwater—we’re talking muskies and mega pike—you need the right gear. That includes the right rod and reel and the right presentation. What do massive muskies and pike like to eat? Big baits—topwaters, rubber creations, bucktails and crankbaits. Speaking of the latter, here’s your brand-new choice for crankbaits that tempt the biggest of fish with its unique shad/panfish profile… The Bagley-inspired and Jarmo Rapala redesigned Rumble Monster is just the bait for big…

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