St. Croix Inshore Rods

St. Croix’s Legend Tournament Inshore Series has always been a winner. Voted Best Saltwater Rod upon its release at ICAST in 2017, the hyper-performing inshore series blended extremely light and sensitive SCIV carbon with top St. Croix technologies and premium saltwater components to make it a standout, winning choice for inshore anglers chasing their passions along any coast. For 2023, St. Croix engineers and rodcrafters pushed the limits of how light an inshore rod could be without – under any…

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Redfish caught on saltwater shrimp

“We call it the ‘Salty Ned ShrimpZ,’” says inshore saltwater guide and Z-Man pro, Captain C.A. Richardson. “It’s my newest little saltwater nugget for big redfish, snook and seatrout. When the water’s cold or extra clear—or any time fishing pressure is extreme—a Salty Ned can be even better than livebait. And now, rather than borrowing baits from our freshwater boxes, we’ve got a new Ned goody, all to ourselves.” In recent seasons, as Richardson and other intelligent inshore anglers recognized…

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Angler Lands Redfish

Call it a ruse. An evolutionary act of deception. An athletic, evasive action, not unlike the quick-footed sidestep of a running back. In water, a crab’s forward-facing eyes and claws trick predators into thinking slow, straightforward easy meal. But when a redfish or tarpon attacks, a crab launches into an unexpected sideways flush of bubbles and debris. Claws and appendages fold back and trail its shell in an oddball orientation that doesn’t make sense. Unless you’re a crab. In which case,…

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St. Croix Logo

Variety is the spice of life for adventurous anglers exploring vast and diverse saltwater fisheries. Encompassing 16 distinct boat models (Rift Salt) and 12 jigging models (Rift Jig), all-new St. Croix Rift Series rods are offered as a direct response to nearshore saltwater anglers demanding thinner and lighter rods with uncompromising strength and durability. Whether popping for roaming pelagics, working heavy hardware vertically, pitching plastics, or freelining live swimming baits, the unique combination of advanced St. Croix materials, technologies, ergonomics…

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On Tuesday, June 7, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC), and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) jointly approved a harvest control rule framework action that brings important changes to recreational management for some of the region’s most popular fisheries. The new approach attempts to smooth out the volatility that has plagued recreational fisheries regulations from year to year, creating lost fishing opportunities and generating significant frustration for anglers and the industry. Specifically, the harvest control rule approach will…

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