Angler holding barracuda

Shared angling passions routinely create new human bonds and strengthen existing ones. Whether between friends, casual acquaintances, blood relatives, or anything in between, fishing has the unique power to bring people closer together. Consider Geoffrey Manning of Roanoke, Virginia – the recently announced winner of St. Croix Rod’s Voice Your Victory competition. His is the story of a self-taught angler who grew to love and appreciate fishing on his own terms before connecting later in life with another very special…

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St. Croix Rods

St. Croix Rod of Park Falls, Wisconsin – America’s premier, family-owned fishing rod manufacturer for nearly 75 years – makes it its mission to provide every angler with the tools they need to maintain the upper hand in any fishing situation. The most-recent results of this mission were showcased to the fishing industry at last July’s ICAST show, where St. Croix introduced three all-new rod series – Victory, Seage Surf, and Tundra Ice – along with four completely reimagined and…

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St. Croix Apparel

At St. Croix Rod, we understand that your passion for fishing is always with you. On the water or off, you’re always thinking about the next cast. We’re constantly thinking about your next cast, too – striving to make sure you have the Best Rods on Earth® that always deliver the upper hand in presenting your lure, setting the hook, and bringing your angling memories to hand. It’s the primary mission we’ve embraced here in Park Falls for over 70…

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Derek Hudnall

Denham Springs, Louisiana angler, Derek Hudnall, is entering his third year of competition in the Bassmaster Elite Series. For Hudnall, victory in bass fishing happens when preparation and opportunity meet. “That’s when victory happens,” he says. “When those two meet and it comes together. Victory can happen in any singular moment, or along journey.” Indeed, Hudnall’s journey in professional bass fishing has provided distinct and memorable victories. “Coming up through the Bassmaster Opens, qualifying for the Elite Series and, of…

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St. Croix Rods

In physics, torque is the term used to describe a type of moment that has a tendency to impart a change in angular momentum of a body about its longitudinal axis. Here, in the context of fishing rods, we’re talking about the torque an angler feels due to the normal bending stress of the rod, not torsional stresses associated with twisting forces… that’s another issue and perhaps another video. Rod torque is experienced whenever a fishing rod is loaded –…

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