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It’s been said that aligning one’s passions with one’s vocation is a fundamental formula for happiness. A big part of making the Best Rods on Earth®comes down to having the best – and happiest – people on Earth, people whose love for fishing drives them to help other anglers enjoy better experiences. One such individual at St. Croix Rod is Alex Smay, a passionate angler and former Northeast Regional Account Manager who was recently promoted to Regional Sales Manager. Smay…

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had never made the trek. This year I decided I was well overdue in experiencing what many have called “one of the greatest events in fishing” so I packed up the truck with my two eldest daughters, ages 15 and 16, and we hit the road for a weekend in Park Falls, Wisconsin. A four-hour drive, we traversed the gorgeous Wisconsin countryside, crossing rivers, streams, and lakes on our way. At about the mid-point we pulled over at a riverside…

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Ice Fishing Rods

The best ice anglers constantly adapt; adjusting presentations to maximize success. Knowing when to change things up is only part of the equation. Whether switching from heavy spoons to tungsten jigs when crappies turn less aggressive or abandoning jigging and doubling up on dead stick presentations when walleyes get finicky, adaptive anglers need a variety of quality ice rods to facilitate any desired technique at a moment’s notice. Consisting of 12 models ranging in length from 24” to 36” and…

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The fishing industry rolls into Orlando, Florida in just four short weeks for ICAST 2022. Expect it to be a hot one. What better time and place to stoke the smoldering passions of the legions of anglers and industry professionals who are as serious about ice fishing as St. Croix Rod? Combining precise and sensitive tips with powerful backbone, custom handle configurations, an innovative new Seaguide® Delta TYG guide train and St. Croix’s most durable materials to-date, all-new Skandic Ice…

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Summer is here and the days are long, just like the rods fly anglers use to play their favorite games on the water. No matter where you live or fish, the extra daylight hours afforded in the coming weeks and months are gifts from the angling gods. We talked with three expert fly fishermen from different corners of the country about how you might consider using them. Midwest Roots Before the Rocky Mountain states became the beating heart of much…

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