Capt. Barbara “Mouse” Witherell, the only female guide on the Santee Cooper lakes, has earned the respect of her male peers by making consistently outstanding catfish catches. by Terry Madewell With a signature moniker of “Mouse”, making a living as a professional catfish guide can lead to some interesting discussions about flipping the script and having a mouse catch a cat(fish). Capt. Barbara “Mouse” Witherell has been a highly successful fishing guide since 1998.  She is perhaps the best-known guide…

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Angler holding barracuda

Shared angling passions routinely create new human bonds and strengthen existing ones. Whether between friends, casual acquaintances, blood relatives, or anything in between, fishing has the unique power to bring people closer together. Consider Geoffrey Manning of Roanoke, Virginia – the recently announced winner of St. Croix Rod’s Voice Your Victory competition. His is the story of a self-taught angler who grew to love and appreciate fishing on his own terms before connecting later in life with another very special…

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