Minnkota Raptor Anchor

Bassmaster Elite Series contenders are wrapping up final off-season preparations in advance of the start of the 2021 season, the AFTCO Bassmaster Elite on Florida’s St. Johns River. Minn Kota® pro team members begin the 2021 schedule with renewed hopes and the latest technology rigged and ready to put them on the fish and keep them there throughout the season. Minn Kota’s new Raptor™ shallow-water anchors are one of the new additions mounted to the stern of several Elite Series…

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Jeff Gussy Holds Walleye on Ice

Bagley and Northland Fishing Tackle pro Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson is not only known for his prowess on bass waters, but also has a storied career on the ice. When he’s not traveling on the Bassmaster Elite Season, you can find Gussy somewhere on Lake of the Woods’ expansive waters near his hometown of Kenora, Ontario. After spending the day preparing to hit the road for the new Bassmaster Elite Season, Gussy gets out for an evening walleye bite jigging the…

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Fishing Rod Being Made

Successful anglers learn something from every outing on the water. St. Croix does, too. Just as an angler experiments with different presentations to maximize results, the family-owned American rodcrafters never stop looking for new ways of combining the latest materials and technologies to craft and deliver the Best Rods on Earth®. St. Croix Product Manager, Ryan Teach, says the company’s all-new bass-centric rod series being announced next week represents a big win for anglers at all levels. “Our goals for…

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St. Croix Rods

In physics, torque is the term used to describe a type of moment that has a tendency to impart a change in angular momentum of a body about its longitudinal axis. Here, in the context of fishing rods, we’re talking about the torque an angler feels due to the normal bending stress of the rod, not torsional stresses associated with twisting forces… that’s another issue and perhaps another video. Rod torque is experienced whenever a fishing rod is loaded –…

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X2Power Logo

With modern boats featuring more electronics than ever before, the X2Power line from Batteries Plus is built to enhance the on-the-water experience for anglers and boaters. From electric start motors to sophisticated sonar equipment, today’s anglers are as wired as ever. Whether they fish for fun or for a living, X2Power offers a premium power option for anglers and boaters who require a battery to hold up to a full day of fishing and still have enough left to crank…

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