Female Catfish Angler

Catfish love hiding beneath large areas of structure like brush or log piles. So if you want to catch catfish in a river here are a few tips to help you consistently catch catfish in any river. Find the structure and you’ll find the catfish. In rivers look for a current moving in a circular motion. At the end of this type of current, the water will appear to be calm. This current is called an eddy and the calm…

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Today I sit drinking my morning cup of coffee and ponder the current fuel cost situation. What really is the cause? Why do we roll over and accept this? How can I save fuel and still tour on the circuits, fish for fun, and fish for work? Questions, questions, questions, but not many answers as to why. Thanks to the Pecan Coffee I love, I woke up to a brainstorming session of some things I could share and recommend. I…

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Lake of the Ozarks is one of the largest lakes in Missouri. It is more than 84 miles long with 1,100 miles of shoreline. In places it reaches 130 feet deep. The huge lake offers great fishing for a variety of species including spotted bass, largemouth bass, catfish, and bluegill. Of course, it is also an amazing crappie lake as well. I’ve been fishing in several different states, but so far, no place I’ve been can beat this lake in…

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Slip Bobber

Growing up in a bait shop in Ottertail County, Minnesota, I can still remember the pegs of Northland floats and bright, yellow bins of jigheads. One of my father’s favorite ways of catching walleyes—besides deep-rigging double-hook ‘crawler rigs on heavy egg sinkers with jumbo leeches (which we trapped and sold both retail and wholesale across the country)—was fishing slip bobbers rigged simply with best-in-class, fresh jumbo leeches in late-afternoon and evenings on the numerous walleye-heavy lakes throughout the county. The…

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Joel Nelson lands walleye on Northland bucktail

His boat is more of a laboratory. A vessel for transporting fishing’s equivalent of beakers, Bunsen burners and Petri dishes: rods, reels, line, and lures. Today’s featured scientist, Northland’s Joel Nelson, shares the results of his successful experimentation on walleyes. In this must-see VIDEO, Nelson shares data on crankbait rigging and size selection, fishing in the wind, playing the weeds, and a fantastic short essay on rod selection for your summer walleye fishing. Northland’s Rumble Shad is almost like a…

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