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Summer is time for travel. It all starts Memorial Day with remembrance of those who have served—and are still serving this country—and then into the end of the calendar school year and kids’ summer vacation. A few weeks with the kids home from daily trips to school and we’re talking the Fourth of July and later, the dog days of August and some great swimming and tubing weather. The reality is summer isn’t necessarily full of planned fishing trips for…

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Summer is here and the days are long, just like the rods fly anglers use to play their favorite games on the water. No matter where you live or fish, the extra daylight hours afforded in the coming weeks and months are gifts from the angling gods. We talked with three expert fly fishermen from different corners of the country about how you might consider using them. Midwest Roots Before the Rocky Mountain states became the beating heart of much…

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Most anglers enjoy the thought of fishing travel – leaving their familiar home waters for more distant places that extend their angling seasons or broaden their fishing horizons. Fishing fanatics flock to the coasts and other various fishing destinations each year seeking new species and new scenery. Whether anglers travel for the express purpose of fishing or for other reasons, all of them will want to point a rod at fish during some part of their trip. Sadly, many will…

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St. Croix Travel Fishing Rod

Welcome to 2021. More than ever, the turning of the calendar holds the promise of better things and better times to come. Most excitingly, perhaps, it’s an opportunity to return to some of the normalcy everyone is craving. For many, travel will be a big part of that normalcy. Individuals, couples and families can be expected to take to the highways and skies in record numbers in 2021, and as one of the most popular forms of outdoor recreation in…

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