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Beyond his championships and associated bankroll, bass fishing royalty Kevin VanDam might be best known for his deftness at covering water. He fishes fast, eliminates water, and covers more water than the competition. That same winning mentality applies to walleye fishing, too, and is best demonstrated and realized on the troll. Trolling for walleyes is much more than pitching a bait back and touring the lake, however. And nobody knows this more than Northland pro Joel Nelson, which you’ll learn…

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Angler landing Bass in Hobie Kayak

There’s a locally known spot on Lake of the Woods nicknamed “Broken Axle.” Oddly, it’s a featureless area on the main basin with no apparent fish-holding structure. So why name it? Years ago, an all-terrain ice fishing transport busted an axle on the spot while motoring to a popular reef. Of course, the fishing clients decided to drill holes and fish while awaiting a backup vehicle. And as legend has it, they caught the snot out of the walleyes. Broken…

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Cannon Downrigger Website

Cannon, the leader in smart, connected downriggers and trolling technology announces the redesign of its website The new, user-friendly website provides a seamless educational and ecommerce experience for anglers looking to run deep with Cannon Downriggers and access new levels of fishing potential. Packed with features and content specific to trolling and fishing at depth, the new site aims to educate and build confidence with downrigger fishing for both new and seasoned anglers. The educational components integrated into the…

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Cannon Optimum Downrigger

Cannon®, the leader in controlled-depth fishing, announced its biggest advancement in connected trolling technology with its Optimum Downrigger at ICAST 2019. The product is now available for retail sale, giving anglers access to critical trolling data and allowing them to raise, lower and cycle weights using a full-color LCD display, Humminbird® fish finder or their mobile device. Designed to bring the One-Boat Network™ to life in trolling applications, the Cannon Optimum fully integrates and shares data with Humminbird fish finders,…

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Cannon Downrigger and Fishing Pole

Fishing is a way of life, and being a professional guide is a way to spend more time on the water. Each day is unpredictable as a guide, so information is key to success. Lake Michigan salmon guide, Mark Courts (Break Time Charters – Sturgeon Bay, WI) takes us on a journey of the every-day preparations to provide his customers with a great time and potentially a fish of a lifetime. Tools like his weather data, fish finders, and Cannon…

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