Summer is here and the days are long, just like the rods fly anglers use to play their favorite games on the water. No matter where you live or fish, the extra daylight hours afforded in the coming weeks and months are gifts from the angling gods. We talked with three expert fly fishermen from different corners of the country about how you might consider using them. Midwest Roots Before the Rocky Mountain states became the beating heart of much…

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Trout Fishing

Different fish species call for different angling tactics, and few fish command such a diverse repertoire of presentations than trout. To this end, trout anglers have a wide-ranging list of needs, all revolving around a host of unique trout species, strains, and opportunities scattered across the planet. While it’s true that most trout live in streams or rivers – anything from tiny, brush-covered spring creeks to the mightiest of flows – they exist in lakes and coastal areas, too. Some eat…

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Angler lands Brown Trout

Different anglers have different passions. Just as a tournament bass angler wages his or her weekend wars with an arsenal of 12 or more rods rigged and ready for any conceivable presentation the conditions may demand, a self-described trout bum demands a rack of versatile, high-performance rod options. Consider St. Croix’s popular Trout Series. Introduced in 2013, the light-line centric collection answered the call of passionate anglers demanding rod choices designed with the lengths, powers, and actions that combine to…

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