Dylan Hays recalls the best fishing day he ever experienced on the little backyard pond of his youth. “Growing up, I remember fishing that tiny pond just about every day,” says Hays, who currently sits near the top of the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit leaderboard. “The most bass I ever caught out of it was three in one day. Eventually, we had to drain the whole thing for maintenance. Didn’t take too long to realize there were only three bass…

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Pro Angler Uses Underwater Camera

“It’s always in my boat,” affirms Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson, referring to a particular fish-finding tool that’s been popping up in recent conversations among hardcore bass fans. You might be tempted to believe the ‘it’ in Gustafson’s statement refers to forward-facing or 360-degree sonar. But you’d be incorrect. “From Canada’s Lake of the Woods to Lake Eufaula, Alabama, an Aqua-Vu underwater cameraplays a huge role in my tournament prefishing,” notes Gustafson, fresh off his first Bassmaster Elite…

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Angler Using Underwater Camera

Anyone who thinks ice fishing is about numb toes and staring at a single hole in hardwater hasn’t stepped inside one of the ultramodern, amenity-stacked ice fishing houses. We’re talking mobile luxury campers you can park right on top of your favorite fishing spot. Pour a cold drink, flick on the TV and put your feet up as you jig for a meal of walleyes. Wait, TV? On a frozen lake? Now playing on thousands of flatscreens across the ice…

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Burbot Fish on Underwater Camera

Burbot might as well be the groundhogs of the fish world. Each winter, almost like clockwork, burbot (aka eelpout) suddenly become common catches among ice anglers in the northern reaches of the U.S. and into Canada and Alaska. Intriguing about the enigmatic eelpout is that for the rest of the year, no one particularly knows where they go. We know that the species’ circumpolar natural range stretches from the Great Lakes to Alaska and across the Bering Strait to Europe…

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Aqua-Vu Ice Fishing

Remember your old grade school teacher, the one who kept her class from misbehaving by claiming she’d grown eyes in the back of her head? Her uncanny ability to spot student misdeeds with her back turned made you marvel at this apparent superpower. Now envision this amazing ability while angling— the power to see in all directions, simultaneously, while searching for fish. Imagine not just the waterscape immediately in front of your eyes, darkened by vast peripheral blindspots, but a…

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