Bro with Walleye

Winter is winding down as the days get longer and overnight temperatures rise. Ice fishing can reach into April, but ice-out on the rivers is what walleye anglers are really looking forward to. The Rainy River and Mississippi River Pools 2, 3, and 4 have targets on their backs. The Rainy is catch and release only, while the Mississippi River Pools 3 through 8 offer a four fish bag with a 15-inch minimum and one over 20-inches. Fillets aside, most…

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Angler with Walleye

In the spring, the lion’s share of anglers troll cranks on long line or lead core slowly up the river channel. Yet, there are group of current specialists Northland pro Brian “Bro” Brosdahl calls the “river rollers.” “We run up and down the river hitting multiple areas run-and-gun bass style, but for walleyes—strategically pitching crankbaits and slow reeling – or rolling – through the contact zone. Cast up close to shore or structure with a Northland Rumble Shad, and rip…

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Walleye Caught on Northland Jig

No lure has advanced walleye fishing more than Northland’s original Fire-Ball® Jig. The proof is at the podium, too, the transformative jig earning payday after payday for professional and amateur tournament anglers alike. The recreational angler is a winner as well, winnings piling up in the form of luscious fillets in the fryer. Parrot Intelligent Design Chin-hook a minnow on your typical longer shanked jig and the bait flails behind flopping unnaturally, the minnow losing color and posture as it’s…

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Northland Tackle Walleye

Walleye fans looking to beef up their open-water trolling arsenal this season will do well to consider Northland Fishing Tackle’s Rumble Stick. A tough, smartly designed, balsawood trolling bait available in two deep-diving sizes and 15 “’eye-catching” patterns, this premium stickbait entry imitates larger sized baitfish with a tight action that triggers a predatory strike response. “This is a surprisingly versatile, premium trolling bait,” says Brad Hawthorne, who makes his living as a fulltime guide on Minnesota’s famed Mille Lacs walleye…

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Northland Rumble Bug

When walleye put on their finicky act, it often takes a special treat to turn them on. Enter Northland’s new Rumble Bug, a 4-cm (1.57-inch) bite-sized balsa body diving plug with a small profile, tight wiggle, and the ability to pierce lips when cast or trolled around weedlines, hard structure and other cover. It especially excels at tempting walleyes in deep water when presented on lead-core line. Northland pro and veteran guide Jason Mitchell remarks, “I think a lot of…

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