What sort of conjuring could have breathed so much life into such a singular lure? What happens when you converge heartrending vibration with the style and the soul of a ChatterBait®? Uncover the answers when you slash Z-Man’s ingenious HellraiZer lure across the surface . . . and confront some of the craziest topwater action of your life. Created by original ChatterBait architect Ron Davis, the new Z-Man HellraiZer carves the water with a familiar pulse and sound— and a mad, desperate…

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Redfish caught on Zman Jighead

Sometimes, you need a bigger hammer . . . Great advice if you’re an amateur carpenter or some guy named Fred Flintstone. If you’re an angler, however, particularly someone seeking a jighead big and tough enough to tame jumbo soft plastics and apex predators, we suggest you step away from the piles of mismatched jigheads and tie on a DieZel Eye™ for size. Orders of magnitude beyond wimpy jigs with flimsy hooks and incompatible heads, the new Z-Man DieZel Eye Jighead is…

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Pro with Youth Angler

For kids, the choice to jump headlong into fishing forever or to cast it aside like an old toy often distills down to a singular, special day on the water. Fishing chooses you, not the other way around. If it’s meant to be, something just clicks in the heart and mind of a youngster: That magical, unforgettable tug on the line and the grip-and-grin of a first fish. You’re captivated by the life in its eyes, fins and gills as…

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Angler casts to schooling fish

Crafting high-grade fishing tackle remains a worthy endeavor only insomuch as the fish and their environs flourish. It’s a simple, self-evident idea that’s quietly inhabited the hearts and minds of the people behind Z-Man Fishing Products since day one. It’s also the motivation behind Z-Man’s support of the scientists who keep our fisheries brimming with aquatic life. Upholding its continuing commitment to aquatic conservation, Z-Man Fishing Products recently played a principal role in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s (USFWS)…

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Stephen Browning with Big Bass

Given his druthers, Stephen Browning would just as soon flip ElaZtech® softbaits at jungles of aquatic grass. But how can you argue when the bass won’t stop inhaling your ChatterBait like luscious jelly beans? That first day of the Major League Fishing (MLF) Patriot Cup, Browning’s so-called ‘bladed jig’ was already on fire. “Right away that morning on Lewisville Lake, bass were trying to chew the paint off the lure,” recalled Browning, among the finest ChatterBait tacticians on tour. “I…

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