Giant European Perch caught on Zman Soft Plastics

Any way you view it, a pot-bellied 14-inch “seven-striper” from North America is one impressive yellow perch. But show us a true 20-incher—a fish Swedish angler Tomas Helge Sköld calls ‘perchzilla’—and American anglers might just drop what they’re doing and hop on the next flight abroad. The transformation of a species began about 100 million years ago. As tectonic plates shifted and separated North America from Eurasia, once-related plant and animal species found themselves at opposite ends of the globe.…

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Kayak Angler

With the soul of an explorer, Drew Gregory embarks on kayak treks free from the limitations that tie most anglers to used water. To go beyond big public boat ramps. To sidestep fossil fuels altogether. Unbound by the intrusions of 1-ton bass rigs, Gregory designs and fishes from ‘sneak boats,’ stealthy kayaks light enough to slide silently through the woods toward otherwise impossible-to-reach bass zones. Matching his minimalist approach at the recent Bassmaster Kayak Series tourney at Grand Lake, Oklahoma, the cutting-edge…

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Angler holding bass caught on ZMan Jack Hammer Bladed Jig

What the pros throw when they need a big bite might be an apt description for the lure that constantly headlines the top 10, if not 1st place, at most every major bass tournament across North America. It’s been called the unnamed bladed jig by non-sponsored anglers so many times that by now, it’s simply assumed they’re talking about the ChatterBait JackHammer—the de facto frontrunner within this new-classic lure category. At the 2018 Bassmaster Classic, contending angler Gerald Swindle made a confession: “I caught…

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Zman Lure Designer Jose Chavez Holds Bass

For fishing industry veteran Jose Chavez, the business of angling has always distilled down to a simple yet meaningful mantra: “I’m a big fan of the everyday angler and the lifestyle,” believes Chavez. “For me, it’s about putting the types of lures in people’s hands that produce amazing, unforgettable on-the-water experiences.” Recently, the talented angler and innovative lure designer joined forces with Z-Man Fishing, assuming a new role as Director of Product Development. Chavez immediately enriches the Z-Man culture with…

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Pro Angler David Walker Lands Bass

“Even after fishing this amazing bait material for over a decade, we’re still exploring its outer limits and discovering new ways to rig and fish it,” suggests renowned tournament angler, David Walker, among the first to experiment with the new generation of super plastics. Legendary angler and bait designer Drew Reese, who fished the very first Bassmaster Classic, describes it this way: “ElaZtech baits exhibit the underwater angle all lure companies have been trying to achieve since the early 1900s: to…

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