The longer this myth goes on, the more frustrating it gets…

Everyday people new to spooling their own reels end up with the same conundrum. Today we fix it.

We were going to go over what it took to spool baitcasters, but this problem applies any time braided line is used on a spool.

The steps below will ensure that any reel functions the way it should when spooled with braided line which saves both fish and time.

Step 1: Backing Line

Backing is highly important. It provides the contact point and grip for the rest of the line so that the reel can perform without slipping.

Customers sometimes call believing that their drag is not “working.”

It ends up being that there’s braided line spooled onto the reel without providing a good contact surface.

We recommend monofilament as the backer. The stretch gives it grip and the spool only needs enough to cover itself.

We also recommend using lines of similar diameter. For example if you are using 10 pound braided line, then you should be using 12-14lb line for your backing.

Step 2: The Knot

The deeper the line-to-line knot is in the spool, the less likely you will have that terrifying moment where you see your uni-to-uni popping its way through the guides.

We recommend getting familiar with tying one line-to-line knot that you can trust. The uni-to-uni is never a bad choice. A blood knot or an Albright knot is also effective.

Tie it and clip the tag ends tight so they don’t interfere with the line further up the spool, and then forget about it.

Step 3: Use Tension

Another problem people run into with braided line is by adding it to the spool without supplying enough tension.

This causes loose line which can dig into itself when fighting a fish or unsnagging a lure.

Either way, this is not ideal and can be avoided by following this step.

Step 4: Fill The Spool Properly

Always fill the spool to the proper level. While “full” is subjective, there is a minimum level to fill the spool for it to perform correctly.

Too much line causes it to rub on a casting reel and jump off on a spinning reel. This is a leading cause of cursing in the sport of fishing.

There you have it! Everything you need to know to get your gear spooled up with braided line!

And as always, if it doesn’t work…you can blame me.

Written by Reid Miller: 13 Fishing Marketing Coordinator