Recently, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee voted to send the bi-partisan “Save our Seas Act 2.0” (S-1982) to the Senate floor for a vote on final passage.  The “Save our Seas Act 2.0” was introduced to address the plastic debris crisis threatening coastal economies and harming marine life; it also recognizes this is a crisis that needs to be dealt with on a global scale.

While this recent legislative activity is good news in the fight on ocean plastics, it ultimately will mean nothing if the full Senate does not vote to pass it. This is why it is so important for you to reach out to your Senators and urge them to push Senate leadership to bring S-1982, the “Save our Seas Act 2.0,” to the floor of the Senate for a vote.  Without a vote by the full Senate, the “Save our Seas Act 2.0,” cannot become law and we risk another year of inaction, which creates eight to fourteen tons of additional plastics in our oceans.

Send a letter to your Senators urging action on Save our Seas 2.0 now!

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